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In contemporary society with expanding economical dynamics, the success of a company depends on the existence of an efficient vision and management based on an infrastructure of coherent processes from the point of view of the transferred informational flow. The success of companies on the market depends on the capacity of the competitive management to collect, select and process data of all society's fields of activity concerning the dynamics of the entrance/going out relationship and profit indicators, and also to elaborate on this basis optimal decisions. The infrastructure on which decisions are generally taken is quite hard to be controlled without efficient means; if there is a lack of efficient means correctness of decisions can be doubted.

For the control of the decisional hierarchy there are several solutions; three of them can be presented as follows: the first possible solution offers control over a component of the hierarchy followed by a consolidation process of these controlling factors, the second component which offers a centralized control over the whole hierarchy and the processes which compose it; another solution is the dynamic definition of control, as it is really needed, for each specific case the processes and the decisions being moulded so that the punctual control be as accurate as possible.

From the point of view of the performances offered to the managerial level, the three solutions can be described as follows: the first solution offers a fast feed-back on immobile components, the decisional effort is considerable, taking into account the non synchronization of these partial conclusions; the other two solutions offer, due to the integration of all modules, an enlarged consistency in the volume of information presented as a source of decision, the most efficient solution remaining the last taken into consideration, at the previous paragraph since besides the offered integration it also offers a personalized component concerning the acquisition of information as well as the informational and decisional flow control.

From the organizational point of view of the IT flows, these solutions could be divided into two categories, the first solution lacking the information concentrated in an Unitarian structure is the most defective because it could take a lot of time to obtain information categorized on their nature, the two others offer from this point of view a data unity, so their association being unitary and more efficient. The flow of documents between the company's departments being done through the agency of the system - in case of integrated solutions - leads to a shorter time of answer connected with the processing of different information and offers the guarantee of producing simultaneous effects in all departments.

Another aspect that has to be taken into consideration concerning the above presented solutions is the aspect of maintenance and portability, the integrated solutions offering a time reaction much lower than those distributed regarding the maintenance, the upgrades being made unitary and not introducing "dead" times in the exploitation of the system, in this way the existent information remaining intact. From the point of view of the portability, systems can depend on a certain technology, on the persistence support offered in most of the cases by the database server and the operating system which runs in case of client application as well as in case of applications server.

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