Zenith was developed to provide a comprehensive solution for the dynamic requests in planning the resources of a company. The main purpose of this system is to allow the active control over the administrative and operational environment of the company, thus increasing its efficiency and profitability

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The success of a company depends on the existence of an efficient vision and management based on an infrastructure of coherent processes viewed from the transferred informational flow's point of view. The success of companies on the market depends on the capacity of the competitive management to collect, select and process data of society's fields of activity regarding the dynamics of the entrance/exit relationship and profit indicators, furthermore elaborating optimal decisions on this basis. The infrastructure on which decisions are generally taken is quite hard to be controlled without efficient means; if there is a lack of efficient means the decisions’ correction can be doubted.

To control the decisional hierarchy there are several solutions; three of them can be presented as follows: the first possible solution offers control over a component of the hierarchy followed by a consolidation process of these factors, the second component which offers a centralized control over the whole hierarchy and processes which compose it; another solution is the dynamic definition of control, as it is really needed, for each specific case the processes and the decisions are being molded so that the punctual control can be as accurate as possible.

From the perspective of performance offered to the management level, the three solutions can be described as follows: the first solution offers fast feed-back on immobile components, the decisional effort is considerable, taking into account the non synchronization of these partial conclusions; the other two solutions offer by integrating all modules, an enlarged consistency in the volume of information presented as a source of decision, the most efficient solution remaining the last taken into consideration at the previous paragraph since the offered integration also offers a personalized component regarding the acquisition of information as well as the informational and decisional flow control.

From the organizational viewpoint of IT flows, these solutions could be divided into two categories, the first solution lacking the information focused in an Unitarian structure is the most defective due to having a longer duration to obtain information categorized based on their nature, the two others offer from this position a data unity, thus association being unitary and more efficient. The flow of documents between the company's departments being done through the agency of the system - in case of integrated solutions - leads to a shorter time of answer connected with the processing of different information moreover offering the guarantee of producing simultaneous effects in all departments.

Another aspect that must be taken into account regarding the above presented solutions is maintenance and portability, the integrated solutions offering lower reaction time than those distributed regarding maintenance, upgrades being made unitary without introducing "dead" times in the exploitation of the system, thus the existent information remaining intact. From portability’s outlook, systems can depend on a certain technology, on the persistence support offered in most of the cases by the database server and the operating system which runs in case of client application as well as in case of applications server.

Key benefits

The main benefits of Zenith's approach are:

  • A solution developed entirely by a Romanian company, totally adapted to the Romanian market.
  • An integrated solution which covers all the activity fields of a company, offered in the shape of a complex and unitary system.
  • It sustains the unitary and coherent development process of the company.
  • It diminishes the company's costs by assuring an efficient economic management of a better communication and organization.
  • The multiplatform solution can be installed not only on the operating systems offered by the Microsoft Company, but also on other systems which support java applications.
  • Perfect adaptation to the company's style through interface and personalized modules, as well as integration with other systems from the company
  • The modular organization of the system, which permits choosing only certain modules, as well as the possibility to add other modules in the future, according to the benefiter’s needs. Since the interaction between modules is obtained through a cause-effect mechanism, the system can be easily extended by mentioning these interactions inside the applications server. The system's expansion is incrementally acquired, as new changes appear in the benefiter’s business demands or as new requests arouse, this being thoroughly accomplished.
  • The client applications offer an unitary graphical interface, the way of running being standardized, the variety of the offered pieces of information in the case errors as well helping information being presented in a coherent way.
  • The support for the users' management and their rights. The operations connected to a user are supplied by the server, after its recognition, depending on his rights.
  • The coordination, efficiency and the automation of the activity, imposed by the logic defined at the level of the system.
  • The increasing of the coherence and correctness of the received, processed and transmitted data.
  • The inner checking of the introduced data, supplied by the business rules established inside each activity.
  • The system deals with the whole variety of operations: selling, supplying, production, financial, human resources as well as accountancy.
Benefits at the level of the system's implementation
  • Reducing the implementing costs due to the possibility to chose the database server as well as the J2EE server according to the user's needs (open source servers can also be chosen)
  • Diminished time due to the implementation and adaptability of the system to the user's needs, facilities offered by:
  • The possibility to define business rules which govern the interaction between the concepts as well as the operations defined for these concepts in order to get automatic data flow.
  • The easiness to add/update the existing concepts in the system.
  • The easiness to add/update the existing operations in the system, taking into account the changes which appear within the company.
  • Easy to use, the user not being constrained to change his way of working since the system models his activity upon the work procedures, the flows of documents and the specific politics elaborated in each compartment.
  • Easy to learn and assimilate due to the simple user interface, the user being able to choose from a limited amount of actions.


Using the latest technologies and the newest designing techniques, Zenith was developed to provide a comprehensive solution for the dynamic requests in planning the resources of a company. The main purpose of the system is to allow the active control over the administrative and operational environment of the company, thus increasing its efficiency and profitability.

Having the desire to model the operational environment of a company with the best accuracy possible, to offer large flexibility to the frequent changes of this environment, and having the support offered by the latest technologies and designing techniques, we succeeded in developing an easily adaptable system in accordance with the specific needs of a company. From this angle, the system is organized on two levels, the first representing the concepts' definitions and their interaction, and the second continuing the operations that can be accomplished with the help of these concepts for the implementation of the existent processes inside the company.

Zenith purcase module

Supply Chain


  • Ordering
  • Logistics

Zenith production module



  • Planning
  • Recipes

Zenith inventory module



Zenith accounting module



Zenith finance module



  • Purchasing
  • Costing

Zenith human resource module

Human resource


  • Payroll

Zenith maintenance module



Zenith fixed assets module

Fixed assets


Zenith human sales module



Zenith Integrations

We offer technical expertise, a proven implementation methodology and ongoing support to ensure that every ERP integration delivers maximum benefit to your business. Our ERP consultants cultivate a high level of understanding and expertise, as well as maintaining strong relationships with key vendors, to ensure they continue to deliver robust and effective integrations.

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Client benefits using Zenith

  • the number of documents printed out will be reduced
  • communication time between departments will be improved
  • document management will be easier
  • spending willl be controlled more easily
  • incleased productivity due to the increased speed of task processing in the system
  • the information is stored in a single system that is easily controlled and backed up in order to provider business cuntinuity in case of disaster
  • reduces the time spent on document and process management
  • it offers a mechanism for notifying users of pending items and the activities deadlines, and allows for the definition of responsibilities per user

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